VEDI Founder Stands With War Veteran Facing Foreclosure in Nassau County Court Today

New York, NY – March 24, 2017 – This is real, our Veterans are facing some tough situations here on the home-front and more needs to be done!  Below are words from Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI) Founder, Meta Mereday.

“I am hoping that you can  SPREAD THE WORD or JOIN ME at the Nassau County Supreme Court,  100 Supreme Court Blvd, Mineola, 10 AM , in Judge Thomas Adam’s court room.

A Korean War Veteran and Nassau County resident is facing foreclosure and eviction – Again!.  Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives and Long Island Veterans Initiatives were able to keep the couple in their home and not split up living in separate shelters and their lives disrupted.  Unfortunately, the veteran is now a widower and still fighting to remain in his home!  He lost his wife last summer and fell on hard times again! Should he lose his house as well?  We spend millions on parades and fly-overs during sports events in surface support of our veterans.  This is a real life situation…can we count on you?”

VEDI needs you, there are countless other situations similar to this and some worse, please spread the word on the work that VEDI is doing and consider donating to the Cause.  Every little bit helps this organization assist our Veterans on a grass-roots level and beyond. Remember #DoMoreGiveMore.

To Donate click on the following link to the VEDI GoFundMe Page.

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Tiffany Braxton


VEDI, Inc will generate publication to inform, engage and empower the veteran community

NEW YORK, NY (February 21, 2017) – VEDI, INC. is launching a campaign to develop a comprehensive resource and support guide that will provide much needed information and collaboration tools to effectively reach the estimated and untapped multi-trillion dollar veteran community.  With a focus on entrepreneurial development and economic empowerment, VEDI, Inc will partner with public and private sector entities to generate the research data and support material to provide a much needed road map for veterans to better access business development, community engagement and support services to provide the long term sustainability that is lacking within the veteran community.  In addition, major corporations, government agencies and educational institutions will be able to connect with grass roots and emerging veteran service organizations to bridge the many gaps that exist causing the myriad of problems that our returning heroes face.

“Our military are the best trained and highly disciplined while on active duty, but upon return to the home front, their civilian lives are complete opposites with high unemployment, suicides, business failures and substance abuse,” stated Meta J. Mereday, Founder, VEDI, Inc.  This guide will set a new dynamic in the veteran community with a focus on the “Total Veteran” – and not media-hyped stereotypes.  This guide will provide vital resource information, community service models, best practices for business development, career and family enhancement tips, educational tips with tools, post-deployment success strategies, legal – financial information and veteran statistics and trends.

“Too often, veterans are returning home ill-equipped to make the transition, lacking the necessary tools and information and it has caused too many to fall victim to negative lifestyles that lead to abuses,” stated Stephen Bailey, Veteran and Managing Consultant, Top Flight, LLC., a veteran owned development and logistic company working with VEDI to develop the guide format.  “We look forward to partnering with VEDI to develop this guide and to build the platform around it to maximize veteran empowerment and to build up the veteran community.  VEDI continues to lead the way in innovative models to change the dynamic in a positive way for our returning veterans.”

VEDI, Inc. is seeking program partners to assist with the data research and material compilation for the guide book. Promotional opportunities will be available for contributors to market their services that relate to veteran business development and veteran community empowerment.  The launch issue will be a limited release, with Long Island as the pilot market as it is home to the largest veteran population in the Northeast Corridor with an extensive corporate base, prestigious colleges and universities and a representative population.

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) New York State not for profit organization that was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to  grow veteran businesses, increase veteran employment and ignite veteran community empowerment. VEDI works with diverse constituencies to develop programs to increase veteran entrepreneurial and employment outreach and other services to improve infrastructure and long-term sustainability for veterans, their businesses and families.

For more information and promotional material regarding the VEDI Resource Guide, contact: Tiffany Braxton, Midnight Management PR – Email: – Phone: 860 698-0643.






Media Contact: Tiffany Braxton




NEW YORK, NY (February 10, 2017) – Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, (VEDI), Incorporated is set to recognize the “unsung” heroes and sheroes on the home front who make a difference for long term sustainability for returning veterans and their families. With the launch of “VEDI 25”, the community based, veteran-focused organization will pay tribute to individuals and organizations that operate in the “domestic trenches” to build up positive and productive infrastructures for veterans to effectively return to civilian life.

“We will not only recognize those who put the needs of veterans first, but actually step up to do something,” stated Meta J. Mereday, VEDI, Inc. Founder and Domestic Warrior for Veterans.  “I am so passionate about helping our veterans and re-igniting the veteran community and I know that there are others out there who did not serve, but are battling everyday here at home to help those who protected us.  I come from a military family and a family of advocates, so my service has been on the home front because I stand on the shoulders of those who served on many fronts.”

The “VEDI 25” will be comprised of a select group that will be the launch of the VEDI “Circle of Champions for Vets” which will include an annual class of 25 who will be selected by VEDI Team members and advisory board members based on proven results and recommendations. “This selection will not be determined by ‘likes” but by actions that have elevated the condition of veterans and improved their long term sustainability,” added Mereday. “Grass roots efforts, while underfunded, are the true fabric that supports veteran empowerment. We do not have the luxury or cushion to waste time or money.  Veteran Lives are in jeopardy daily and the ‘VEDI 25’ will represent those who are in the domestic trenches with us lifting up our veterans.”

Meta, the VEDI team and their community partners have been in the forefront of addressing the needs of veterans and their families who too often fall through the cracks of the broken system and bridge gaps – even with limited resources – to make a difference that generates a ripple effect of results.  Whether it is advocating for legislation to improve access for veteran businesses to procurement opportunities and advocating for waivers for student veterans to register for classes without delays, to moving a veteran family during a tropical storm and helping to keep veterans in their homes; VEDI has made its mark as a true advocacy organization for veterans.  During this process, the team has developed relationships with individuals and organizations that have gone “above and beyond” in providing assistance to the VEDI model of empowering the veteran community.

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) New York State not for profit organization that was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to grow veteran businesses, increase veteran employment and ignite veteran community empowerment.

For more information about VEDI, Inc and its “VEDI 25” and “VEDI Circle of Champions” Contact: Tiffany Braxton via Email:  or Phone: 860 698-0643.



Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all of our men and women who serve this country, we appreciate all that you do and today we salute you!

Today is the day we recognize and honor you for serving in the armed forces and protecting our liberties.  May God continue to protect you and your families. VEDI, Inc. will continue to work towards making each day better for Veterans in business and beyond.


Happy #VeteransDay #VEDIempowersVETS

Today is a great day to donate to an organization dedicated to the betterment of #Veterans.  Please visit our GoFundMe page to learn more about our current fundraising campaign.

For Immediate Release: Leading Supplier Diversity Organization Partners with VEDI

734 Franklin Ave, Suite 532
Garden City, NY 11530

August 11, 2015

Tiffany Braxton, Midnight Management

Leading Supplier Diversity organization partners with Veteran Business Group to empower Veteran Businesses to address Veteran unemployment and business development
NY-NJ MSDC and VEDI form alliance to improve inclusion efforts to build veteran business capacity to effectively transition veterans into sustainable careers

New York:-The New York New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, “The Council” recently partnered with Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, Inc (VEDI) to launch a Veteran Owned Business/Small Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business (VOB/SDVOB)Validation Project targeted at opening new doors for diverse businesses who meet the criteria for VOBs/SDVOBs. This project will take these businesses to the next level of development and includes building capacity, diversifying veteran employment resources and empowering the veteran community.

“Enhancing veteran business development is the first step to aggressively address high veteran unemployment and to empower the veteran community, which includes us all,” states Meta J. Mereday, VEDI, Inc Founder. According to Victory Media, the U.S. Veteran population (including veterans, spouses and children) represents an underserved population with over $1 trillion in purchasing power and an uncompromised consumer base. “Current programs only address singular issues with little integration, thus many gaps in service continue to exist. This project begins at the root – business development – and branches out to all areas that impact the veteran community – jobs, family, housing, health and well being. Working together with The Council – with its extensive background in diverse business development within corporate America and representing the New York metro area – we will be in the heart of global business.”

VEDI, Inc. was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to build programs that will grow veteran businesses and increase veteran employment. VEDI works with local colleges and universities to develop programs to increase veteran entrepreneurial training and employment outreach and veteran resource development. VEDI advocates for supplier and workforce diversity in the public and private sectors as well as state houses and federal agencies.

“Veteran-owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses have untapped potential that we envision as the new business development frontier. Working with the VEDI team and our corporate members to identify the suppliers who can benefit from their service to our country and their business expertise is a ‘win-win’ for all involved,” added Terry Clark, President & CEO, NY/NJ MSDC, Inc.

The Council, which was established in 1973, provides a vital link between major corporations and minority business enterprises (MBEs). Each year, member corporations have reported billions of dollars spent with Council-certified Minority Business Enterprises. Serving the New York and New Jersey region, The Council is one of the 24 regional affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC).

TopFlight LLC, an MVOB, is the Project Manager for the Validation Project. To register, go to and open “Contact Us”, submit your business information and “VVP” in the comment section.

For more information about VEDI: call 917-886-7743. For more information about The Council: call 212-502-5663.