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Press Release: VEDI Launches Campaign for Mobile Health and Empowerment Unit for Veterans



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Campaign for Mobile Health and Empowerment Unit to address underserved veterans where they are situated

NEW YORK, NY (February 15, 2017)According to The Soldiers Project, approximately 25 veterans commit or attempt to commit suicide every day.  As a nation that believes in saluting our returning heroes, we have not done a great job of meeting the needs of veterans once the holiday parades end.  Homelessness, Unemployment, Substance Abuse, Business Failures and Domestic Violence is equally high within the veteran community and too many are sitting in silent suffering.  In many cases, the issues include a lack of resources that could help veterans bridge gaps and retain their pride. Often, the problem starts with the basics – the lack of transportation and relevant resources – i.e. food, shelter, and compassionate care.

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI), Inc. has launched a much needed campaign to raise $1 million to meet the needs of our under –served veterans.  The Binsack-Watson Express Platform was launched in remembrance of two Vietnam Veterans who were failed by the system.  One was homeless for months and the other lived in a foreclosed home with no heat.  Neither had transportation nor proper healthcare or support to gain the resources and attention they needed to survive, despite the millions poured into programs designed to help them.  Veteran Binsack lived in bus depots and slept behind VFW Halls.  Veteran Watson applied for assistance and his file was lost for months causing him to live in fear and the cold. They served their country and were dis-served by it.

The Binsack-Watson Veteran Express is designed to be a mobile support triad that will connect with veterans and their families where they are – and not subject them to the lack of sensitivity and accessibility that currently exists.  The Binsack-Watson Veteran Express will provide three levels of support for underserved veteran and their families designed to rebuild and empower the veteran community.  The Binsack-Watson Veteran Mini Van will provide transport for veterans to appointments, job interviews, shopping etc.  The Binsack-Watson Mobile Health & Vet Transporter provides rides, on-site health care assistance and educational outreach that reaches underserved veterans and their families where they are situated.  The Binsack-Watson VEDI-EHP Multi-care Mobile Health & Wellness Mobile Command Center will provide broader compassionate care and immediate resource support with “boots on the ground” capabilities to assist homeless populations.

Hosting Organizations: Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI) Inc. is a 501(c)(3)  New York State not for profit organization that was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to build programs to grow veteran businesses, increase veteran employment and ignite veteran community empowerment. VEDI works with diverse constituencies to develop programs to increase veteran entrepreneurial and employment outreach and other services to improve infrastructure and long-term sustainability for veterans, their businesses and families.

Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc. (EHP) – is a 501 (c )(3) organization that was co-founded by world renowned nephrologist David Scott to combat the obesity epidemic which has led to the rise in diabetes and related ailments in African-American and Hispanic children; and to address health disparities in underserved communities.  The veteran population has also been targeted and is vulnerable to a variety of critical conditions due to poor nutrition, delayed medical attention and lack of access.

To make a tax deductible donation, make your check payable to “VEDI, Inc” and send to; VEDI/Binsack-Watson Project; 734 Franklin Ave, Suite 532, Garden City, NY 11530.